Divine Renovation Guidebook: A Step-By-Step Manual for Transforming Your Parish
$31.45, 5/$148.50
Becoming a Parish of Mercy: A New Vision for Total Parish Evangelization
Joy of Love Learning Bundle (eResource)
Joy of Love Powerpoint Learning Kit (eResource)
How to Form Families with Learning Centers (FREE eResource)
Fall Learning Centers for Whole Family Catechesis (eResource)
Summer Ministry Resources
Creation Care Kids: Problem Solvers - FREE!
All Things to All People: A Catholic Church for the Twenty-First Century
Yes, It Is So! 50 Call-and-Response Prayers from The Message
The Joy of Love Group Reading Guide: To Pope Francis' Amoris Laetitia
$4.95, 10/$44.50, 50/$197.50, 100/$295.00
The Joy of Love / Amoris Laetitia
$10.76, 5/$50.80
Vacation Bible School: What, Why, and How? (FREE eResource)
EarthKeepers Vacation Bible School (eResource)
Growing Up Catholic Baptism Preparation (English/Spanish)
After the Plunge: Kit for Reaching out to Parents after Baptism (eResource)
The Six Tasks of Catechesis: Key Principles and Practices for Forming Faith
$8.95, 7/$55.72
Scripture Basics: A Catechist's Guide
$8.95, 7/$55.72
Enriching Faith: Lessons, Prayers and Activities on Mary
31 Days to Becoming a Better Religious Educator
$8.95, 7/$55.72
Essential Catechist's Bookshelf: 8 Helpful Titles
$8.95, 3/$26.13, 5/$42.30, 7/$55.72
Explain THAT to Me! Searching the Gospels for the Honest Truth about Jesus
$8.96, 5/$42.80
Growing Up Catholic Sacrament Prep
FREE "Why Coach Parents?" Resource Kit
When God Was a Little Girl
The MESSAGE: Catholic Bible in Contemporary English

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